The idea of walking distance

13 Aug

I really like Around the Horn. I like the banter, I like the intelligence of the arguments, even if they are presented as sound bites.

The show’s producer, Aaron Soloman, host, Tony Reali, and staff do a great job of sharing behind the scenes odds and ends on YouTube.

On Wednesday, they posted a video riffing off of ex-Clippers owner Shelly Stirling’s perks. Stirling is getting a fan’s golden parachutes as she and her estranged husband take leave of their team.

The chatter? About media perks and what is most important.

It’s all about being able to park. Only at the end does Bob Ryan make even a mention of the what should be the easiest solution to their problem – not having to park at all. But of course, when it comes to football stadiums especially, that’s often not an option.

That we’ve landed in such a spot, that makes me sad.


One Response to “The idea of walking distance”

  1. Chris (@lyteforce) 15/08/2014 at 11:20 am #

    So it’s the parking spot and not the popcorn that drives media engagement, eh?

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