Brendan Shanahan, Kyle Dubas and a fear of change

28 Jul

Fluto Shinzawa wrote a really great piece for The Boston Globe this weekend, called Toronto president Brendan Shanahan a forward thinker. I’m going to let it stand for itself (that’s why I’m posting it here) and not write much on it.

This is why teams repeat mistakes at the draft table, in trades, and on the free market. There are too many people who think about hockey the same way and don’t challenge each other to see the game differently.

There are no women. There aren’t many people of color. There are few who’ve worked in different sports, to say nothing of other industries. There are even fewer who haven’t played in the NHL. On-ice experience is just about a requirement for clubhouse entry.

This is nonsense.

Is the big key. It’s 100 per cent true. It’s something that baseball finally sorted out in the last decade. Soccer and rugby have examples of ‘trying something different’ in their recent pasts. Will hockey be next? If Shanahan and Dubas are successful – maybe.

Anyway, give it a read.


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