When silence is good: my year

31 Dec

What a year, friends. I’ve not written in this space not because I’ve been uninspired, but because, as so many of you know, I’ve been so damn busy!

That’s what happens when you land the job of your dreams. I’m six months in – with six months to go on the current contract – and I’m happy where I’ve landed.

I’ve got fantastic colleagues. We have struggles with our equipment, struggles with corporate issues, but through it all, the people are amazing. Every day we come to work, and every day we pump story after story after story out. Some are mundane but many are not. Seeing us operate the magnifying glass and revealing society to itself has to be the most fascinating thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I like being a teacher. I love being a journalist.

So, a few moments of thanks, looking back at a year which started with frustration but ended with plenty of joy.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me as the year opened – my friends and family who knew what I could be and encouraged me to keep fighting forward, even as the struggle seemed too high a mountain. I took a crazy path to my current job, but I got there and it’s the belief others showed in me that powered me there.

Thanks to everyone who read my stories, be they hockey fans, rugby fans, politicos and otherwise. The feedback tells me that people care. That’s why I do it. Because you all care, because you all want to know.

Thanks to everyone who pushed me to be better, who knew that I was capable of so much more, that each step mattered and that I shouldn’t fear taking those steps.

Thanks to all the people I’ve interviewed in the past year – most of you don’t know who I am, but some do – you are all fascinating and each of you has taught me something about my practice. I’m still learning how to be a journalist (will I ever stop? I doubt it…) and each question, each answer, shows me something new.

Thanks to all of you who engage with my chatter, whether it’s legitimate or not. I love to spar with words and I love to hear what other people have to say. It helps me sort out all the wild ideas that race through my mind at all hours of the day.

Thanks to the players who showed up to my practices. I love coaching and I love seeing young athletes succeed. Ask a a coach why they do it – it’s always because of the players.

Thanks to the random students I’ve encountered. I’ve learned so much from you, about what growing up is like, about how our society works, about what questions people ask, about why people are how they are as adults.

Thanks to everyone I love and to everyone who loves me back. It’s way more fun striving to make the world a better place, no matter how risky that might be, than it is to cover ourselves up and hide. Fear sucks; love doesn’t.

Have a great 2014 everyone.


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