Yours truly, on the CBC…

14 Sep

In case you missed it, I was on CBC Radio One this morning in Vancouver, talking about the NHL Lockout.

Here’s the link to the podcast of this morning’s show. My segment begins at about 14:45.

I also ended up being interviewed for The National.

A quick note: as so many of you know, journalism is in a weird spot these days. Lots of content continues to be produced, but revenues are shrinking (unlike the NHL’s). That’s why efforts are being made to change the landscape, things like paywalls and advertising. I know you want it all to ad-less and free, but that won’t keep guys like me in business.

Yes, this is something I love to do, but that doesn’t pay the rent. None of us do this to get rich, but that doesn’t mean it should be free either. So as you start to get asked to pony up a small bit of your own money, remember it’s keeping quality in journalism. The more we get to write, the better it will be; but that doesn’t happen if we have to work other jobs to pay the bills.

In any case, thanks for the support!

Here are the two pieces at Canucks Army that I penned earlier this week, that apparently brought me to the big guys’ attention:

Hockey Media on the Lockout: Just Whose Side Are They On?!


The Canucks As Labour Warriors

UPDATE (Sunday): The story that I published for Canucks Army yesterday, with some food for thought on How the lockout plays out.


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