Want a ride to school? Daily Read-up: September 7th, 2012

7 Sep


Back to school at UBC means an annual shock to Translink’s system: here’s a kid trying to get a lift on 16th Ave after multiple passups by buses.

*In last night’s speech by President Obama, Slate’s Matt Yglesias heard lots of rhetoric abour restructuring the American economy for the long term, but little for people who needs jobs now.

There’s a forward-looking economic vision here, but it’s entirely a vision of structural transformation. A better health care system. Better schools. More domestic energy production, both renewable and natural gas. Better schools. Immigration reform.

It’s a focus on what can be done for the future.

**A couple nifty infographics from C-SPAN about acceptance speeches:

***just because your law firm failed spectacularly doesn’t mean your company softball mean has to die. No, you just keep winning.

****Did you try out the Star Trek Google-doodle?


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