29 Aug

I wrote this over at RisingAction yesterday, on the GOP’s fear of the minority vote.

Rising Action

School Gym
They ain’t voting for Romney… (Photo: CarbonNYC/Flickr Creative Commons)

Why the heck would Boehner say this, to anyone? Seems a bit defeatist, no? From the Atlantic Wire’s Elspeth Reeve:

House Speaker John Boehner is the most prominent Republican to admit, out loud, that his party’s strategy for winning in November doesn’t suppose that the GOP can win over some black and Latino voters, but hopes they won’t vote at all. Boehner wasn’t talking about voter I.D. laws, which are being pushed by Republicans and criticized as disenfranchising minority and poor voters, he did tell a luncheon hosted by the Christian Science Monitor in Tampa Monday that the Republican Party was counting on apathy from the Latinos and blacks who are choosing Democrats over Republicans by record margins in recent polls.

Well the truth is, he knows the truth. Minorities *don’t* vote for the Republicans. Last election, they…

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