Christy Clark is into God // Morning Read-up: August 2nd, 2012

2 Aug

In an announcement that will please some but possibly horrify others, BC Premier Christy Clark said on TV this week that she finds guidance in the Bible for some of her hardest decisions. From today’s Vancouver Sun:

Clark, in an appearance last week on the evangelical Christian talk show 100 Huntley Street, was asked about her toughest challenges as the leader of Canada’s third-largest province.

“Part of it is just trying to find the courage to do the right thing,” she replied.

“I think people want courage in politicians and oftentimes it means we have to do — I have to do — things that people disagree with, but I think is the right path to take for the province.

“So I think that’s the hard part, because many times as with many decisions that we face, and we learn this in the Bible, it’s much easier to make a short-term decision that will make everybody happy or that will make your life a little bit easier, than it is to make a long-term decision that’s good for the future but may be tough in the short run.

“And I think that’s the challenge that all politicians face.”

Cue the commendations, and the criticism.

** Here’s that crazy run-away horse-drawn carriage story. With the tourist (not) safely stowed aboard. With no driver.

*** How much would you spend to save the lowly marmot? The government’s spent a decent chunk to help out the Vancouver Island variety.

It still may not even work.

****The Georgia Straight is calling out both Gregor Robertson and Christy Clark for skipping out (again) on this weekend’s Pride Parade.

It’s a good point – Rob Ford gets torn to smithereens on this one, but Gregor and Christy aren’t?

*****A last word on Gore Vidal, the famed American liberal, writer, and conspiracy theorist who died yesterday. The New York Times published their obit on him almost immediately. And almost immediately they had to acknowledge not one, not two, but THREE errors, all three of which are, shall we say, slightly provocative?


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