Remember when the manhole blew up the car? // Morning Read-up: August 1st, 2012

1 Aug

You’ve got to check out the whole story, but here’s the gist of it, from the Atlantic Cities:

As part of our ongoing series on how manholes are trying to destroy society – via painful-to-watch traffic accidents and bench-pressing a vehiclewith storm water – here’s one that waited until a driver walked away from the scene before unleashing a prolonged belch of flame that utterly consumed the vehicle.Is that a tire popping around 0:55, or something else exploding? Stuff gets real about 30 seconds later as the dying auto leaks a river of fire that starts to creep down the block.

**Racial tension appears to be at a boiling point in Anaheim, after a string of police shootings and on-going political problems at city hall. In a story that’s perhaps a bit familiar to Vancouverites, one part of the city says another has far more perks.

In this largely working-class city of more than 340,000 people, the divisions are as varied as they are deep. While more than half of the city is Latino, only three Latinos have ever been elected to the City Council. But the rift is as much about class as it is about race.

For many activists, the blame lies with the City Council, whose members are primarily from eastern hills on the city’s edge, the wealthiest and least populated part of town. They complain that the Council has focused exclusively on development in the resort area at the expense of the city’s poor neighborhoods.

Now the New York Times is reporting it’s becoming  a case of Latinos vs the police:

“We get harassed all the time, just for the way we look and hanging out,” said Rafael Brito, 23, who grew up with Mr. Diaz. “As soon as they see you, they’re ready to pull their gun and start asking you what gang you’re with and what they call you. They do it all day every day.”

Last Saturday, Mr. Brito said, he began crossing in the middle of the street, holding a protest poster with both hands. About halfway through, he saw a police officer heading toward him with his hand on his gun holster. The officer then grabbed Mr. Brito’s arm and told him he was citing him for jaywalking.

Will this get uglier? Given the rampant problems throughout California, it’s hard to see how it won’t.

***From Good, a quick hit about Untappd, the social network for beer lovers.

****In honour of his passing last night, here’s the clip of Gore Vidal calling William F. Buckley a ‘crypto-Nazi’

And here’s his run-in with Norman Mailer on the old Dick Cavett Show:



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