BC First Nations to take out Enbridge // Morning Read-up: July 31st, 2012

31 Jul

The Union BC Indian Chiefs says natives in the province are ‘prepared to go to the wall’ in opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline.

“Our people are prepared to go to the wall against this. There is no doubt about that,” warned Grand Chief [Stewart] Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs. “There is absolutely no way we will tolerate a project that would violate the environmental integrity of our traditional territories along the pipeline route and along the B.C. coast.”

Phillip was joined by former Environment minister David Anderson:

Joining those speaking out was former federal environment minister David Anderson, who ripped into Enbridge as “perhaps the last company in North America” that should be permitted to construct an oil pipeline across the province.

He accused the Calgary-based company of having a “cowboy culture” that is indifferent to safety and “quite inappropriate for building a pipeline in one of the most sensitive parts of the world.”

That’s hard talk about Enbridge. It’s a big uphill battle – in the spring, more than half of BCers said they opposed the project.

**The City of Vancouver is thinking radically about how to increase housing stock in the city. One proposal is to ‘narrow’ neighbourhood cross-streets.

As part of the city’s re:THINK Housing initiative, this is one of many ideas on increasing housing affordability.

***VanCity Buzz has posted an image that purports to be the development that will replace the much-maligned Sears building in downtown Vancouver.

Looks pretty ‘Vancouver’ doesn’t it. Better than the current structure, though.

****The Independent (UK) newspaper has a breakdown of just how the fabulously-rich Manchester City were able to financially motivate their squad of superstars:

How do you incentivise a Premier League footballer earning around £1m gross a month? The answer, according to Manchester City’s bonus schedule for last season, is to pay him the equivalent of an extra month’s salary in the event of a title-winning season.

To the average British worker, the sums involved in City’s bonus schedule, as revealed today in The Independent, are life-changing amounts of money. The £258,333 that was the average paid to every one of the 24 players who had some part in the club’s first league championship since 1968 appears to be a huge sum, but when you consider that Carlos Tevez earns around £220,000 per week, the picture changes a little.

Tevez, of course, got into an argument with his manager last fall, got himself suspended, then left the team and then was allowed back into the lineup. Membership has its privileges, I suppose.


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