You really hate the Olympics, don’t you? // Morning read-up: July 28, 2012

28 Jul

via Eastern Bounds

*The hater’s guide to the Olympics. It’s more brilliance from Deadspin:

• British women have awful taste in men. You’ll walk down the streets of London, and you’ll see some smoking hot lady strolling arm-in-arm with an albino chipmunk and you’ll be like, “How is that possible?” And the answer is that years of living in the UK have brainwashed English women into thinking that having translucent skin and black teeth is a hot look.

**Did you know that Dane Cook isn’t very funny? Should we be surprised that he thought it was fun to make jokes about the Aurora shootings? We’re talking about him now, aren’t we?

***Oh great, the Legislature *itself* doesn’t know how to keep the books…happy, happy stuff for the taxpayer.

The 17-page document revealed Doyle’s team had to correct or properly record a cumulative $1.3 billion in transactions over many years before they could even begin to reconcile the Legislature’s finances.

It also found that the Legislative Assembly was paying the balances on credit cards MLAs use for travel expenses without documentation, an amount that would likely range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Doyle also found the legislature is not producing audited annual reports, normal practice for any public body.

****Two weeks ago I linked to Jeff Angus’ excellent piece on Alex Semin. Now that the enigmatic Russian has signed in Carolina, Grantland’s Katie BakeR gives us her own high-quality take.

The Hurricanes have thrown a pile of money, $7 million for one year, in the belief that his reputation as a coach-killer can be reformed.

Everyone knows he’s an exceptional talent, but people also love to believe that the supremely talented can be supremely talented all the time. I’ve never been convinced that’s actually possible – Sidney Crosby is pretty damn consistent, but even he has off days. The further away from the mean you are, the harder it is to sustain that position.

*****Oh, and one last note: my brother Rory is moving this weekend to the big smoke to start an articling job. Always wanted to spend time with a Johnston but you’re not on the westcoast – well he’s on twitter, TO-folk!


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