Have Colorado gun sales gone up? // Morning read-up: July 26, 2012

26 Jul

*So what do you think – more people buying guns in Colorado after last week’s massacre, or less?

** Vancouver’s Oakridge centre is up for a massive re-development. It will be far more than what it is now – the developer wants to put in heaps of housing along with community amenities. The rhetoric says they want to take advantage of the Canada Line by greatly reducing parking ratios.

But seriously, I’m just intriguing by the picture of the 1959 opening. What is that puff of smoke in the woods behind the back parking lot?!

***Well, gee, I wonder why all these storms are happening. The current heat wave in the Eastern U.S. is causing havoc with their electrical grid, among other vital pieces of infrastructure.

Here’s a scary thought – concrete and steel expand when the temperature rises. They are designed on the assumption that later in the year they’ll contract in the expected colder weather. What if that weather doesn’t get as cold as it used to be?

****A little bit of fun urban Vancouver history – the Main Street (Science World) SkyTrain station.  (via pricetags). As originally proposed by the GVRD, it would have sat in the middle of Terminal, roughly where the left-turn bay on to Station St is now. Once the province assumed control of the project, added-on development opportunities became a consideration as well. Of course, as the piece notes, that didn’t turn out so well.

*****And, clearly in anticipation of my forthcoming preview of the BC Cup Races at Hastings Racecourse on BC Day, Scout’s Stevie Wilson has written a little blurb about the history of Vancouver’s thoroughbred track.

So yes read that, and then check out next Tuesday’s Province.

******Oh, and you probably missed it, but Kim Jong-Un is married. Yes, the Little Leader (or whatever he’s called).

Move over, Wills and Kate.


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