Morning read-up: July 16, 2012

16 Jul

* Maybe you’ve heard the rumblings about the north side of False Creek, about how people have been asking for improved amenities in the area for years? (Yes, there’s Livingstone Park, but how about a community centre?) On the heels of last week’s approval of a new elementary school for International Village, as well as apparent progress towards a new ice rink/community centre project, comes a story in the Globe and Mail that the Aquilinis are building rental housing around Rogers Arena.

Why would they do such a thing?

(From the G&M story linked above) “The family has been in rental a long time and they know what it takes,” he [Negrin] said. “And our cost of land is lower.”

One other interesting tidbit: many of the three-story walkups that are today at the cheap end of the rental market were once the premium units in the city. Today, the city is reticent to subsidize rental units below market rates because it is expected that new rental units will displace older units at the top of the food chain, driving prices down elsewhere. Perhaps I’ll check to see if that’s a reality later.

** Via vancitybuzz, some infographics created by a Roy McCutcheon last fall about some truths behind the Vancouver housing bubble… Ouch!

*** Is this a revealing comment about the Republican campaign by Ron Paul:

Paul revealed that his staff has spoken indirectly with the Romney campaign about the national convention and described their organization as “very insecure.”

“They want to build a party and they preach this thing about big tent — it’s not like I’m preaching socialism,” Paul said Friday on Fox News, addressing fears over his presence in Tampa. “I am … for doing exactly what Republicans claim they believe in. So it is sort of ironic. … Why can’t we have a little debate?”

That comes from an NBC News story that Romney’s team had descended upon Nebraska in an effort to ensure that Paul did not secure any more delegates than he was entitled to. They seem to be worried about what kind of scene Paul’s acolytes may put on at the National Convention in August.

**** A great thing about blogging for such a cool place as Canucks Army is that I get to have lunch with great guys like Jef Angus. Jeff’s been busting his ass, building up his strength as a hockey writer. Today he’s written about Montreal’s Max Pacioretty. The question? Can he be Montreal’s first true superstar since Guy Lafleur?



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