Morning Read-up: July 13, 2012

13 Jul

* My Canucks Army colleague Thomas Drance has a great piece today about the leadership You Can Play (the pro-LGBT in sports group) is showing on Cam Janssen and his insanely offensive comments from earlier in the week. Patrick Burke (son of Brian and brother to the late Brendan) came out strongly in support of Janssen’s efforts to recant his previous comments and has called for critics of Janssen to consider where their dialogue might be taking them. Drance adds some real clarity to Burke’s plea and gives us all something to ponder.

* Henry A Giroux is a professor at McMaster University in Hamilton and regularly writes well-considered, thoughtful pieces on social justice. His column today on the Freeh report into the Sandusky affair at Penn State is a tour-de-force. He ties in the corruption shown by those in power at College Station to the corruption of managers at GlaxoSmithKline as well as at JP Morgan Chase, Barclay’s and elsewhere. Glaxo was found guilty this week of encouraging their salesmen to push Paxil, an anti-depressant, as a treatment for a host of other conditions, none of which were approved uses by the FDA. His point? The corruption which is present in us all bears its worst fruit when allowed to grow unchecked among those in power. As a society we must be aware of this danger and work harder to stifle its spread. That’s what democracy demands of us.

* more to come…


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