Morning read-up, June 25th, 2012

25 Jun

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning…

1. GigaOM’s Matthew Ingram has a piece on the deal between the New York Times and the media aggregator Flipboard. Journalism is undergoing an evolution like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and when the gold standard of the NY Times makes a move, we should pay attention. The Times has forever driven the news cycle and is aggressively pursuing a new model for media delivery. The numbers lately haven’t been good for them, but they keep plugging away (the latest news that they are looking for a tech-savvy CEO), believing that the current quake in the industry will resolve itself and that news outlets will continue to exist.

2. The restructuring of the Times’ business model is grist for a post at Market Playground, comparing two approaches to securing the future of America’s leading paper. One approach is to fire a lot of people and re-invent itself as an online-driven powerhouse; the other is to go big and monetize everything they do while remaining focused on the principle of their endeavour – the public trust that is a news outlet.

3. An assessment by of coverage of Obamacare claims that major media outlets have been rather slanted against the constitutionality of the Obama health care plan, despite a majority of court rulings having been to the contrary.

And 4. New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait re-visits a slightly famous Supreme Court decision, explaining that despite what some still believe,the recount would have handed victory to Gore, not Bush.



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